Frankfurt Airport 24h

Experience the Frankfurt Airport, Germany's largest airport, sometimes from a different perspective to know. They Sehn the airport for a whole day in just 15min, deposited with important data and facts. Courtesy of Fraport AG.


Frankfurt Airport - just before midnight

Germany's largest airport, Frankfurt / Main, just before midnight. She landed roles, and lighted at the airport. From the film "Condor flight DE 2692 & DE 2693.


Condor flight DE 2692 & DE 2693

Join in during the takeoff and landing! These flights were conducted using a Boeing 757-300 in Condor, the Frankfurt (FRA) to Antalya (AYT) and wiederzurück, went in 2008. Difficult to resist the landing in Frankfurt, not aufjedenfall!


Condor flight DE 2550 & DE 2551

Fly with them and experience the first hand-offs and landings. A Boeing 767-300ER (D-abuz) flew from Frankfurt to Fuerteventura. A Boeing 757-300 (D-ABON) dan flew back again. Do not miss the landing in Fuerteventura not aufjedenfall at sunrise!