The Site
My first website went on the air in 2006, online, in much smaller scale and with a subdomain. In the years that followed on the web site, safety cards, information on types of aircraft and their crashes. Beginning of 2008 the site was discontinued due to low demand. September 2008 to a second attempt was still expensive, which dragged on until early 2009 because this was all created from his own hand. After some problems, the side then went on May 01, 2009 at 00:05:27.

Today, in 2009, the website, and the current stand-alone domain from several major companies in Germany will be hosted.

Together with the house's own NOC, it is a very complex system.


The Network Operation Center Eschhofen short NOC Eschhofen belongs to the and set the security of the images and important data. The NOC Eschofen is equipped with a total length of network cable of approximately 120m and a speed between 54Mbps and 1000Mbps works in an area of approximately 12m2 probably the largest network Eschhofen that in the modern state. In addition to the many high-quality network cables yet to come from Cisco and Linksys networking devices are used. The main task of this network is to secure the aircraft and all content of this website without quality loss. Ultimately, the data and images for viruses, worms & co. reviewed before they are released on the web server. Thus is achieved a daily traffic of about 15GB on the data server. The traffic of the web server is not so included, as this will be managed by an external company. A thanks for the friendly underside building goes to the company Teliko GmbH in Limburg.

Since 01/01/2010 the website of the volunteer fire department Eschhofen is also supplied with this system.