Lufthansa Flight Training

At 17.11.2007 it finally happened, I was a pilot, even if only for a few hours. But it was the ride was at the airport. After a while, got there, we got from the "Lufthansa Flight Training," a parking card to park in the parking lot for Lufthansa pilots. After registering, I got a passport so that I could enter the building and stood in front shortly after the "Lufthansa Flight Training Center

Normally I should be in the simulator of a Boeing 737, which I know 02and therefore the cockpit with the switches and instruments, or the aircraft's behavior. But then I said that I will make my flight on a Boeing 767-300ER. After the complete crew was finally came off the so-called briefing. In just one hour, they had told us the aircraft, the instruments and behavior, learn what student pilots in three years. Here we also got to put questions to be asked in the examination or employment test. Where flunk some questions about 95% of demand.

After an hour of the briefing was completed successfully. We were not declared then that we must choose one, scenery (airport). These scenes are updated approximately every 28 days. After that03 we went from the conference room in the building where there are the simulators. When we were in the building and waited until a new crew docked at Gate was and has successfully completed its flight, was explained to us that a simulator will cost around 19 million euros, but that still come to the three computer rooms to do so. It was explained to us that the simulators are booked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, because not only there, Lufthansa pilots to complete their regular inspections, but also pilots from around the world. Only in addition, pilots will have to endure every six months, a 4 hour period in the simulator over him. Lufthansa even require its pilots every three months to carry out such an examination.



Shortly after the declaration of the simulators and the other crew team had successfully completed its flight and handed us the "plane". We looked first time in the cockpit, which is really the reality.




After we had the cockpit of us just put under the microscope and the instructor had made the settings in the computer system, he told me that I should take the left seat in the cockpit, but because I05 was the youngest of the whole crew. After I have complied with his demand, and finally sat on the left seat, I took my personal settings, and buckled me. I had chosen Dubai as the scene, but unfortunately, this scene was not available because of an update. So I chose the Kennedy Airport in New York. Shortly thereafter, I took the thrust lever in his hand and pressed it feelingly to the front. It was fantastic, but the effect is that you can hear the roar blowing works and is pressed into the seat. Once you sit in the cockpit you get the feeling no longer sit in a simulator, but the feeling of an airline pilot a real airplane to be.

06After I had filmed a traffic pattern, I sat on the landing approach. All beginnings are difficult: I did not know the plane and have a visual approach conducted without any instruments. Shortly thereafter, I sat up at Kennedy Airport. Since the flight instructor said, flying is not fly, do not start well but end up, we repeated the landing again. Then it was on the right to be seated. After the flight simulator debriefing, have occurred where durchgesprochen like about our flight behavior. Then we were allowed to ask the instructor a few questions and somehow the subject came up plane crash.

Briefly summarized, it was an unforgettable day with the result that I was still closer to the air, but also a broken Timo was the result of the day.